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It’s been three months since I first visited the center. I have not experienced pain in my arm, hand, or hip in many weeks. After just a short 3 weeks, I gave up my cane and have not used it since. I exercise as prescribed and visit once a week to keep the alignment. Chiropractic treatment has given me a normal life again.

Dorothy M.

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your successful treatment of my vocal cord paralysis. After enduring the loss of my voice for several months and being told by several doctors that I had little chance of recovering without surgery, you persisted in treating me with acupuncture, neck adjustments, and herbs. Within a few months, my voice returned. As a result, I will not have to resort to the surgery that the doctors recommended to me.

Nancy C

I had come for help with infertility problems. It had taken my husband and me five years to conceive our first daughter. We had been trying for two years to our daughter a little brother or sister. We came to see Dr. Crosby with kind of “why not…we’ve tried everything else” attitude. After five months of taking a mixture of herbs and one month of my husband and I taking “total Toddy” vitamin and mineral mixture, I found, not only that I had the healthiest winter in four years (i.e., no colds or flu at all! ) But, I was pregnant!!!!

Amy F.M.

Through Dr. Crosby’s therapy of adjustments, acupuncture, ultrasound, ear stripping taking all natural dietary supplements for my estrogen and vitamin B levels, removing all artificial sweeteners from my diet and cutting way back on refined sugar….within 4 months all my symptoms completely disappeared. I can’t remember when I have ever felt so incredibly good. I thank God for putting Dr. Crosby here to make a difference.

Vicki M.

Plagued by terrible migraine headaches, stemming from a whiplash injury I’d suffered in a car accident in 1987 and lower back pain from an even older injury. The headaches lasted for day at a time and I couldn’t see well enough to read, drive, or do anything! I wanted to do volunteer work and travel with my husband, but I was too sick most of the time… I had NO MORE PAIN! I’ve been pain-free in that elbow ever since!

I really can’t say enough about Dr. Crosby. She’s an extraordinary doctor, my very favorite!

Myra L

I highly recommend Dr. Crosby to everyone – for far more than chiropractic. Her office is a member of a co-op program that will save you big $$ on any bloodwork you need. I have a thyroid condition, so regularly have tests done. Through a primary care physician my normal labs cost $175 with no insurance, through Dr. Crosby’s office they cost only $35! In addition to saving money on lab tests, Dr. Crosby is extremely knowledgeable, sees the big picture, and actually listens to you to help find a solution. Five stars.