Acute (Severe) Low Back Pain, Early Intervention and Chiropractic

One of the most common areas of the body to be hurt while working, playing sports, cleaning out the garage or any other household or life chore is the lower back. The American Chiropractic Association has reported that 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any given time. This represents a significant health concern, especially if many of the conditions contributing to low back pain go untreated.

The cause of the pain can be injuries as simple as a strained muscle or sprained ligament to the more complicated intervertebral disc injury. Regardless of the structures involved, most of us have had a personal experience with lower back pain, either from an injury while working or simply waking up with it. Finding a doctor that can determine what exactly is wrong (creating an accurate diagnosis) and prescribing the right treatment is the most important aspect of getting well. In fact, one of the most dangerous phrases one can utter is, “Maybe the pain will go away,” and is often adopted by too many sufferers.

According to a 2008 study by Globe, Morris, Whalen, Farabaugh, and Hawk on low back pain disorders reported, “Most acute pain, typically the result of injury (micro- or macrotrauma), responds to a short course of conservative treatment [chiropractic care]. If effectively treated at this stage, patients often recover with full resolution of pain…Delayed or inadequate early clinical management may result in increased risk of chronicity and disability” (p. 654).

A 2005 study by DeVocht, Pickar, & Wilder concluded through objective electrodiagnostic studies (neurological testing) that 87% of chiropractic patients exhibited decreased muscle spasms. This study validates the reasoning behind the later study that people with severe muscle spasms in the low back respond well to chiropractic care and prevents future problems and disabilities. It also dictates that care should not be delayed or ignored due to risk of complications.

Chiropractic doctors are trained to determine the cause of the injury and have the experience to formulate an accurate and effective diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan. The cornerstone of that plan is the chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic and lower back pain has been one of the most commonly researched topics to date. There is a large volume of research showing that the chiropractic adjustment is effective for treating lower back pain.

These studies along with many others conclude that a drug-free approach of chiropractic care is one of the best solutions for patients with low back pain. To find a qualified doctor of chiropractic near you go to the US Chiropractic Directory at and search your state.
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