Chiropractic is a great way to naturally and safely improve your health, no matter your age!

1. Chiropractic is the best option for sports related back pain. 1
Participation in sports or exercise is an important step in maintaining
your health. Exercise strengthens your heart, bones, and joints and
reduces stress, among many other benefits. Unfortunately, injuries
during participation in sports are all too common, especially in children
and teens. Often, these injuries occur in someone who is just taking up
sports as a form of activity, doesn’t use proper safety equipment or
becomes overzealous about the exercise regimen.
The more commonly injured areas of the body are the ankles, knees,
shoulders, elbows, and spine. Identifying and correcting biomechanical
issues or weakness to joints with your chiropractor is a great way to be
pro-active in preventing sports injuries for all ages. In addition, getting
chiropractic care for injuries sustained is a great way to minimize their
recurrence. 2
9. Chiropractic is safe. Compare our malpractice to those of other
physician groups to see that we are the lowest risk for causing injury.
The average medical malpractice ranges from 20,000-100,000 a year
depending on the specialty and the region of the country. The average
chiropractic malpractice is approximately $100 to $2500 a year and is
also regionally dependent. The extreme difference in the price of
malpractice insurance is the direct result of the fact that both medical
procedures and prescription drugs carry a higher risk of injury and of
malpractice lawsuits, than do spinal adjustments. The conditions
medical doctors treat also carry a higher risk (i.e. stroke, spinal surgery,
etc.) for these reasons, medical doctors are sued for negligence
(malpractice) significantly more often than chiropractors. 3

10. Chiropractic is beneficial for back pain associated with pregnancy.

Low back pain is common in pregnancy, with 57 to 69 percent of
pregnant women reporting they have experienced it. 4 Although this type

of pain can result in significant disability, only 32% of women report
symptoms to their prenatal provider, and only 25% of providers
recommend treatment. A study was undertaken to describe the results
of a group of pregnant women with low back pain who underwent
chiropractic treatment including spinal manipulation with 94.1% of the
women involved in the study demonstrating clinically significant
improvement. The average time to initial clinically important pain relief
was 4.5 days after initial presentation, and the average number of visits
undergone up to that point was 2.
No adverse effects were reported suggesting that chiropractic treatment
was safe for reducing pain intensity in the pregnant patient.
12. For teens with back pain, chiropractic offers the most effective
treatment options. 5
Until recently, low back pain was thought to be something only adults
experienced. However, research is showing that over 70% of children
and teens are affected by back pain and, the same research is also
identifying that teenagers with back pain have trouble sleeping and
participating in school and social activities. They have a higher
incidence of eating disorders and trouble meeting friends. 6
Given chiropractic’s safety and effectiveness, these teens with pain
should be getting chiropractic too!


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