Getting Answers to Chronic Illness

Many patients have chronic health issues that do not seem to respond well to conventional medicine. Identifying the cause of these types of illnesses is the first step towards improving the health of these patients.

By doing very specific testing with either a urine or blood sample, some important areas that may be causing the health issues can be identified. These type of tests are generally not performed by most medical doctors and would include testing for vitamin (including the B-complex vitamins), mineral and essential amino acids insufficiencies, cellular damage from low levels of anti-oxidants, your body’s use of neurotransmitters, (the substances that affect your nervous system function,) and how neurotransmitters relate to nervous system function, cellular energy production and markers for overgrowth of yeast and bacteria.

One type of test looks at organic acids which are products of metabolism excreted in urine. An accumulation of certain organic acids in urine often signals metabolic issues that can be due to deficiencies of certain nutrients, inherited enzyme deficiency issues, toxic build up of metabolic byproducts and even drug side effects that affect certain metabolic processes.

Testing that identifies vitamin, anti-oxidant, amino acid and mineral deficiencies in addition to looking at cellular energy levels, inflammatory central nervous system markers, or even intestinal yeast and bacterial overgrowth markers will be the testing of the future although it is virtually unheard of today.

With the results of this type of testing a customized vitamin and mineral supplementation plan can be recommended that meets your specific needs for minimizing or eliminating your current symptoms or for preventing illnesses in the future.

Any condition that has no good treatment in conventional medicine may benefit from this type of testing. Symptoms that may include fatigue, headaches, sleep abnormalities, mood changes, blood sugar irregularities, weight gain, nausea, chemical sensitivity, bloating, distention, gas, joint pain, reflux, autoimmune disorders, dermatitis, depression, anxiety, inflammation, premature aging are all potentially resolvable or improvable based on the knowledge derived from this type of testing.

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