Getting Results with Chiropractic in Children and Adults

Today’s lifestyles benefit greatly from chiropractic care and start with a through chiropractic examination.
Many of the problems seen in adults can start as early as the birthing process. By the time some adults consult a Doctor of Chiropractic, years of spinal damage have occurredmaking it difficult to get the instant results most patients want. Often times, detecting spinal problems at a early age can help prevent many of the problems seen in adults.
Many adult spinal problems started with traumatic births or with the bumps and falls of the toddler and young child that are neglected until a parent becomes aware of obvious symptoms that do not seem to want to resolve.
Reducing nervous system dysfunction by restoring normal motion or position to spinal bones, is one of the major goals of our doctors.
Children usually respond quickly. Yet, long-standing spinal problems in adults can be difficult to fully correct, and may require long term chiropractic care and may require continued care long after symptoms disappear to help rehabilitate chronically damages joints and soft tissue injuries. Missing appointments or disconnecting care prematurely can invite a relapse which is the reason why many chiropractic patients elect to continue with regular chiropractic checkups to maintain their progress.
The sooner chiropractic care begins, the sooner spinal malfunction can be detected, reduced, and the more likely future problems will be able to be avoided. Call our doctors today if you suspect you or your child may be candidates for chiropractic evaluation and care.