The 5 Habits of Healthy, Fit People

  1. Movement
    Movement is essential and while exercise can be tough it is necessary. Remember how important it is to get yourself moving on a regular basis. No matter how busy you are, there’s always a way to get a quick “workout” in. If you are hurting, get chiropractic and get back to exercising!
  2. Scheduled workouts
    Fit, healthy people leave nothing to chance. They schedule their workouts just like any other important appointment. If they miss one, they carve out time to make it up. Planning is key to sticking to your fitness routine, and once something feels routine it’ll be easier for you to participate without even thinking.
  3. Early Risers
    Fit people work out in the morning, which gets it out of the way early so they can focus on other objectives, creates clarity so they excel in their daily tasks and boosts their calorie-burning engine for hours.
  4. Love food.
    Healthy people eat unprocessed, organic, whole food for nourishment … not entertainment. They avoid foods that harm their bodies. They use exercise, not food, to reduce stress and get through emotional difficulties.
  5. Sleep.
    Lack of sleep affects metabolism, mood and the ability to think clearly. Because fit people exercise, they burn off the stress that can keep us up at night. If they’ve had a rough day, they practice self-care and take a bath or go to a yoga class to decompress. They understand that rest is just as important as movement and use effective strategies to promote deep sleep.